FoundLovely is a community made up of a group of awesome high school and college aged ladies. Our mission is to connect with our peers, dream together, find refuge in each other, go on adventures, build each other up, and ultimately discover our identity in the Lord. We conduct a yearly retreat locally where we get to put all those things into practice. 


Who We Are

We are lovers. We are fighters. We are stay-up-all-nighters. We are dreamers.

We are doers. We are just-like-you-ers. We are women. And we've all been found lovely.

We are a group of friends representing several area churches who decided to create a safe place for girls just like you. We are teachers, worship pastors, librarians, business leaders, college students, missionaries, counselors, mentors, and entrepreneurs.


Our vision is to empower young women to be their most confident, authentic selves. To understand that we are better together. To build each other up. To find their worth in the One who finds them altogether lovely. We believe a lot can happen in a weekend, and we can't wait to share it with you!


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